Sleep Hygeine + Facebook Hiatus?

I was on Facebook a couple of days ago and saw a friend (who’s an M.D) mention “sleep hygeine” when another friend asked for advice about difficulty with sleeping.
My Dr. friend asked a series of questions:
– Do you stare at bright screens before bed?
– Do you sleep with your phone
– Your bed should be solely for sleeping and no other activity

Although I have no issues with sleeping, seeing the words sleep hygiene made me reflect upon my night and morning routine. They need to change.

I was going to watch some TV before bed but I decided to turn everything off, light some candles, and after I finish this blog post I’m going to close my computer and just sit in silence for a little bit before heading to bed.

I don’t have any peer-review journal articles to site to back up my claims but I believe that the energy you surround yourself before sleep and after you wake up are critical. If you fall asleep to a crime show, or sleep with the TV on during the night, I believe that’s bad for your psyche. You don’t know what kind of subliminal or subconscious messages are seeping into your spirit at night.

As for my Facebook hiatus..that lasted like 5 miliseconds. Every day I found a “valid” excuse to log on (Oh…I went to the U.S. Embassy, I met some Fulbrighters from another country, my make up looks bomb, I’m in Italy for the first time…. you name it).

It’s gotta stop though – pause, my neighbor just like randomly yells through the walls sometimes and he might be insane (he just did it now but I have no idea what he said because he yelled in French) – anyway yes, I need to drastically reduce my time on social media.

One thing I’ve been doing is intentionally leaving my phone at home when I leave for lab which is nice. Since I don’t really have friends here who text or message me, and I’m not receiving pertinent e-mails, I can afford to do that here.

In conclusion, be more present and take care of your psyche.

Bonne Nuit!

With Love,


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