Matongé – Part I

Tomorrow I’m linking up with a new friend I made in Brussels! I’m very excited because this is the first friend *like me* that I’ve made here. She’s a beauty blogger from the Congo and super sweet!

How’d we meet? We haven’t yet! I did a #hashtag search on Instagram – I don’t exactly remember what I searched “African Brussels” “Black in Belgium” … who knows? But I found her Instagram and sent her a direct message basically saying “Girl… you’re black, beautiful, and in Brussels. Can we be friends?!” And she said yes. She’s been so kind and I think we’ll be good friends 🙂 She’s helping me with my French and tomorrow she’s gonna show me around the “African part of Brussels” AKA Matonge.

I tried reaching out to another African woman through Instagram and she played me lol. She responded but didn’t seem interested in meeting up at all. I picked up on the context clues and left it alone haha.

I appreciate Kristie because she’s been so kind and super welcoming. My challenge here has been making new friends in a new country where I don’t know anybody. Tinder has BARELY helped but I’ve made a few friends off of that. Not the best platform for finding friends… 95% of the guys were creeps.

That said, I’m super excited for tomorrow and I’ll be sure to document the trip! 🙂

With Love,

mere malou

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